About Brasformer

A Brasformer Produtos Elétricos Ltda. Began in 1973, manufacturing transformers of distribution to mineral oil up to 36kV, transformers of low voltage to dry and later transformers to mineral oil for instrumentation up to 69 kV, in 1987 moved to own building in Estrada das Lágrimas – São Paulo – Brazil.

In 1985 Braspel Indústria Eletrometalúrgica Ltda. Was opened. Manufacturing accessories for oil transformers, producing up to 40 tons of finned radiators, butterfly valves and tap changers.

Due to the market requests, Braspel increased its activity, starting in 1996 the manufacture of electrical transformers of Potential and Dry Current in epoxy from 0.6 kV to 36.2 kV, applied in the measurement and protection of electrical systems, also manufacturing transformers Distribution, power and dry control.

Developing its own technology, it invested in manufacturing processes and was the pioneer in the launching of compact parts, meeting the requests of customers and manufacturers of medium voltage panels, for smaller parts.

In 2001 Braspel obtained ISO-9001 certification and has since renewed this certification. Its products are recognized by the electric power concessionaires of Brazil and Latin America, also supplying transformers for electrical panels of domestic manufacturers, which through globalization export to various parts of the world.

In early 2011 with the merger of the two companies, the name passed to Brasformer Braspel Produtos Elétricos Ltda.

In 2016 Brasformer Braspel obtained the CIDET certification, homologating its factory and products with the IEC and ANSI standards, thus allowing its equipment to be marketed in any country of the world.

Brasformer Braspel, completed 44 years, with technological innovations and competence. It has invested in infrastructure, expanding its production capacity and today has modern facilities to supply transformers for electrical measurements, measuring set and protection systems in the classes: 0,6 – 7,2 – 15 – 24,2 e 36.2 kV, for both internal and external use.

Looking for new horizons, with persistence and dedication, Brasformer Braspel is proud to have developed with its own technology, high quality parts and, throughout its history has built a prominent image, being recognized as one of the main companies of the segment in the market World.